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Greetings from Black Widow!

It's hard to believe another year has passed.  2015 flew by so fast and here we are starting 2016.  We hope everyone got a chance to take their favorite bow and sit out and enjoy what God has so blessed us with.  Toby was fortunate enough to make another trip to Maine with Squapan Mountain Outfitters where he managed to take a nice black bear with his PSR X Black and White Ebony bow.  Tony and Lynn Boucher and the crew put on another top notch hunt as once again we had a great week of shooting stick bows and hunting bear.  We even made time for a lobster feast.  Make plans to join us this fall for another amazing bear hunt and have a chance to win a Black Widow Bow!  Carey Breshears was the 2015 Big Bear Winner.  Congratulations Carey!  If you would like to join us on a great bear hunt, get in touch with Tony Boucher at Squapan Mountain Outfitters in Mapleton, ME.  His website is or you can email Tony or his wife Lynn at or give them a call at (207) 764-7844.  Give myself or Roger a call and we can get you details of the hunt also.

As we look into 2016, make sure to take the time to get out and fling some arrows.  Whether practicing for the upcoming season or walking through a 3D course with buddies, enjoy life.  If you are thinking of switching to traditional equipment or want to try a new bow, we have a full line of demo bows we can ship you and let you try.  Just give us a call or you are more than welcome to stop by the shop. We hope everyone has a great 2016.  There’s no better feeling than your first traditional harvest and I hope you will let us be a part of your experience with traditional archery.

Have a great year and Shoot Straight,

Toby Essick, Roger Fulton, and John Clayman

“May the good LORD be your Outfitter and Guide; May HE cause you to always shoot straight; And may the trophies you pursue be worthy of the Book.”

Please follow the link below to download our 2016 catalog.

2016 Black Widow Catalog

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